Villa Management


Passionate about attention to detail

Professional villa management is the key element of the service that we provide at Bali Luxury Villas. Our dedicated team has many years of experience within the hospitality industry, together with an extensive knowledge of the luxury villa rental market in Bali. We will assume responsibility for every aspect of management, from the staffing, maintenance and service of your villa, to the administration, marketing, reservations and contracts. We are totally committed to achieving full customer satisfaction and we place great emphasis on responding quickly and helpfully to every guest request.

Since 1999 our acquired wisdom and awareness of the field facilitates a professional, personal and customized approach. We manage properties of all sizes but, as our name suggests, we limit our portfolio to the luxury end of the market, with a focus on villas that reflect their position within a unique culture.

With a proven track record and a portfolio of guests who return time and time again, we are justifiably proud of our established level of exemplary service and reliability. We will tailor our expertise to suit your needs. You can rest assured that your villa will be maintained to the highest possible standards, and that your guests will enjoy an exceptional holiday.

Day-to-day Operation

Our main function as a luxury villa management company is to oversee the smooth operation of your property. In addition to maintenance and staffing, day- to-day running includes front office services, house keeping, security, accounting, creation of menus, assistance with guest arrivals and departures, daily shopping for market groceries, and much more. We will co-ordinate the booking process, set up rental contracts, collect deposits and payments and manage the inventory, thereby ensuring that your villa is not just a well-run vacation home but also a lucrative investment. Owning and managing a property in a foreign country can be a difficult and daunting prospect, and through our recommended legal experts we can also offer our advice and expertise on tax payments and Indonesian law.


Our service includes the provision, recruitment, training, guidance and management of proficient and trustworthy villa staff, who will clean and service your villa around the clock.

We take staff recruitment and training very seriously, and are most particular in choosing and balancing the personalities of the individual staff members in order to promote harmonious working relationships within competent teams. If required, we will also handle the needs and training of your existing staff. We will ensure that all duties are performed to 5-star standards, not forgetting the personal touches and fine details, which will be performed immediately prior to each guest arrival.

Guest Relations

We understand that different guests from different cultures have all sorts of different needs, and our office will personally handle any special arrangements that may be required. We are on-call to immediately assist with any problems, including accident or illness. We have an intimate knowledge of the island, we respect the Balinese traditions and customs, we identify with the culture and we foster a strong relationship with the local community. Over the last few years we have developed many invaluable local contacts to support our villa management service. As residents of Bali, we stay continually up to date with all of the latest trends and developments – everything from new restaurants and shops to the best dance clubs, secluded beaches, festivals, events and tourist activities. We are happy to pass this information on to you and your international guests in our endeavor to make their holiday truly enjoyable.


Our goal is to ensure that your villa is constantly maintained and serviced to the highest pristine standards, thereby maximizing its earning potential while also providing the uppermost level of comfort to your guests. We will make certain that all repairs are carried out swiftly and efficiently, and that all breakages are replaced. Our service includes the daily monitoring and maintenance of swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gardens, ponds, grounds and driveways; the replacement of breakages, such as cookware, glassware, electrical appliances, light bulbs and furniture; full supervision during repairs to the roofs, plumbing systems, electrical wiring, pumps and drains; waste management and pest control.

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Examples of villas under Bali Luxury Villas' management:

Villa Arika Villa Astika Toyaning
Villa Bidadari Villa Bougainvillea
Villa Bunga Pangi Villa Bunga Wangi
Villa Damai Villa Nag Shampa
Villa Frangipani Villa Jagaditha
Villa Mata Air Villa Babadan
Villa Paloma Villa KaliBali
Villa Tukad Pangi
Villa Sol y Mar


Guest Services

At Bali Luxury Villas, we can offer advice and recommend restaurants, nightlife, shops, galleries and spas. We will coordinate car rental, drivers, English-speaking tour guides, tours, activities, and outings to numerous events around the island. We liaise only with reputable local companies to assist our guests with the full range of activities that are on offer. These include:

  • Adventure tours such as trekking, bird watching, white water rafting, mountain cycling, paragliding, and land cruises
  • Local ceremonies, festivals, and cultural events
  • Weddings
  • Balinese Cooking Classes
  • Holistic retreats and specialized workshops including yoga, meditation and self-healing therapies
  • Land sports such as golf, horse riding, tennis and squash
  • Cruises and marine sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and surfing
  • Performing arts
  • Theme parks such as Elephant Safari Park, Bali Bird Park and Waterbom Park
  • Children's activities


Bali Luxury Villas' UK based group partner offers international booking services and marketing services. High demand for holiday rental accommodation supported by our up-market service, means that you will have the opportunity of realizing very attractive rental returns on your property. At the heart of our philosophy is our steadfast commitment to work in harmony with our local contacts and business partners. In addition to marketing your villa through website, we collaborate with many of the other villa rental agents on the island and internationally to maximize the promotion of your property. Bali Luxury Villas' group website combines professional photographic images with a professionally written description, which will significantly boost the appeal of your villa by identifying and drawing attention to its best qualities and architectural features, together with the attributes of its location, facilities and amenities. In a progressively competitive market we will always strive to make your villa a profitable investment.


Please contact us for a detailed list of our professional villa management package services and rates.

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