Private, Luxury Bali Villas In Ubud

Nestled in the heart of this major art and culture centre, our Bali villas in Ubud offer comfort and relaxation with direct access to the many offerings of this charming town.


Regarded as Bali’s cultural centre, Ubud is flush with artists’ workshops and galleries of all styles. The galleries feature local artists as well as international artists who now call Bali their home.

Ubud’s attractions are not sparse. From a historical perspective, Ubud offers unforgettable sites. Goa Gajah (the elephant cave) includes a cave dating back to the 9th century. Its entrance, an ornately carved demon’s mouth, beholds beautiful statues rich with history. With pools, a waterfall and rice fields, this site is not one to be missed. Another historical site, the Gunung Kawi (Poet Mountain) is presumed to be the burial complex of a king and his many wives. Its location, found at the bottom of a steep valley lined with paddy fields, is reached by descending 371 steps. The view is stunning and the experience one that will not be forgotten.

Along with museums and temples, there is no shortage to the unique visual experience Ubud has to offer.


A close second only to Seminyak’s restaurant scene, Ubud is home to some of the most creative eateries in Bali. Enjoy unique culinary experiences inspired from the local cuisine, as well as trend-setting international flavors.


Ubud generates a feeling of well being, attributed to its peaceful spirit and surroundings. Designed to be a tranquil getaway, the local laws dictate all live performances and loud music must end at 10:30 p.m., protecting the peacefulness of this town.


Ubud emanates a gentle beauty that transcends and permeates. Nestled amongst gently rolling rice paddies and steep ravines, Ubud features forests rivers, and mountains perfect for the adventurous, outdoor spirit. Parks, gardens, forests and rivers support an array of outdoor activities in which to fully enjoy Ubud’s striking landscape.

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Luxury and comfort, surrounded by this unique town and all its offerings, is what is experienced with our private Bali villas. Ubud can be fully explored with the help of our expert hospitality and travel specialists. We will design your Ubud adventure exactly as you wish, highlighting those sites and experiences you are sure to cherish.

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